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The Essence of Elite Leadership
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FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2019
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Meet Your Hosts and Celebrity Coaches
cody dakota:your host built a business on leadership
Cody Dakota is the founder of The Leadership Guide where he is a Heroic Potential and Legendary Leadership Coach. Member of the Forbes Coaches Council he is an innovator dedicated to recognizing and sharing the skills to create leaders who impact the world.

Host of The Emerge LeadershipConnection TV Show and Podcast

Founder of the League of Legendary Leaders

Toni Kaufman: 
Toni Kaufman,  Computer Trainer to Former President George H.W. Bush, is known for being an experienced leader and technical evangelist. From near-death experiences to driven, absolute entrepreneurship Toni leaves her audiences feeling motivated and inspired.

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author  "ACT 2: Your Show Must Go On"

Host of The World Class Mentors Podcast

Jonathan Bengel: 
Jonathan Bengel  Jonathan Bengel is the founder of JB Financial, Phoenix Renaissance Orchestra, and Tax Tiger-Consulting, Inc. He is a Certified Tax Coach, IRS Enrolled Agent, and Chief Tax Strategist. For over 15 years as a CTS, he created a multi-six figure business, created jobs, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for his clients. 

 Today, entrepreneurs high him as their Chief Tax Specialist because most lack the right tax strategies and write-offs, so they continue to overpay grossly and under deduct.

 He helps them to unlock the mystery of taxation, uncover legal loopholes, and reveal missed opportunities to help his clients get back the cash they have already paid to the government, and legally helps prevent future from money from going to the government. 

Bottom line, his clients legally pay less to the IRS and realize their financial freedom quicker and faster. 

Deneene a. collins : 
"Deneene A. Collins is the Founder of Success Creation Academy, Inc. and the CEO of Collins Consulting, LLC. She is an internet entrepreneur that publishes content with purpose. Deneene has published multiple books and she has helped others become published authors as well. Her latest book, “Muscle Memory Millionaire” is changing the business landscape of success for many aspiring entrepreneurs. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus in Online Business Strategies and a Master’s in Graphic Information Technology all of which have equipped her with the knowledge and skills to uniquely position people for success. By graduating Summa Cum Laude from the Engineering College at ASU and receiving the Black and African Coalition Award for the Highest Graduate Student GPA with a cumulative 4.0 GPA, Dee has become a scholarly role model. After dropping out of school in undergrad to have a baby, she went back to school to get her bachelor’s and then got two Master .

Jackie Simmons: 
Jackie Simmons, #1 Amazon International Best-selling Author and host of The Woman Entrepreneur Show. Jackie’s attitude about sales made it easy to get enthusiastic and hard to stay motivated. And her bank account showed it. And then, a ribbing comment from a friend, changed everything: "Jackie, I have no idea what you do. I think the only reason you have a business is so that you have Jackie Simmons, #1 Amazon International Best-selling Author and host of The Woman Entrepreneur Show. “I suck at sales.” There it is, the unvarnished truth. When Jackie was 16, she learned that sales was not for her. After knocking on countless doors only to head home empty-handed and dejected, Jackie knew that she’d never make any money doing sales and yet, that’s what pushed her into teaching sales now. Jackie sold herself on the “truth" of that limiting belief for 30 years. That doesn't mean she didn't work at sales. She’s an entrepreneur, sales is what has to happen so she networked her assets off.

Aisha AL-WArdi: 
 Aisha Al-Wardi, is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker. Aisha aids in transforming individuals and organizations by helping them develop their leadership skills and other necessary requirements that will allow them to grow and achieve their goals. This is done through one-on-one and team coaching, training, motivational speaking and mastermind groups. Aisha has a graduate degree in Leadership and majored in Organizational Communications. She is passionate about working with people and helping them reach their full potential by turning words into actionable goals.

Legendary leadership summit
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